3 Simple Ways to Take Your Cocktail From Drab to FAB

Crafting unique and eye-catching cocktails does not have to be left up to the professionals. Enhancing a drink may seem like a big task at first, but there are simple yet effective ways to elevate your cocktail. Cocktails are so much more than just the drink, now, people love to be taken aback by the presentation of their cocktails. Three of our favorite (& EASY) ways of taking our cocktail from drab to fab are using infused ice cubes, rimming the glass, and utilizing creative glassware.

Infused Ice Cubes

More times than not, the appearance of ice cubes is not a thought when curating a cocktail. However, our goal is to beautify the basics. Infused ice cubes not only elevate the appearance of the drink but also the taste as they melt and add an extra touch of flavor.


  • Select Your Ingredients
    • Choose herbs, fruits, or edible flowers to infuse your ice cubes. 
    • *TIP! Mint, basil, berries, citrus slices, and lavender springs look great.
  • Fill the Trays
    • Place the ingredients in the ice cube trays and fill them with filtered water.
    • * TIP! For crystal-clear ice, boil the water first and let it cool before pouring.
  • Freeze
    • Allow the trays to freeze completely, then add them to the cocktail for an upgraded look.

EXAMPLES: Classic drinks to use an infused ice cube in

Gin and Tonic: Add mint and cucumber-infused ice cubes.

Vodka Soda: Add citrus and berry-infused ice cubes.

Champagne Cocktails: Add floral-infused ice cubes.

Rimming the Glass

The next easy way to take your drink from drab to fab is rimming the glass. It can enhance the flavor, aroma, and visual appeal of cocktails. Although it is a small touch, it can go a long way in making the drink more visually appealing. 


  • Moisten the Rim
    • Use a lime wedge to wet the rim of your glass. 
    • *TIP! Using honey or syrup adds a unique twist.
  • Choose Your Rim Mix
    • The rim mix will vary depending on your drink. 
    • Salt is traditional for margaritas, and sugar is traditional for fruity or dessert cocktails. 
    • *TIP! To elevate further, use spices, herbs, or crushed candy
  • Apply the Mix
    • Spread the rim mix on a plate and press the glass down. Ensure the mix is evenly distributed. 

Utilizing Creative Glassware

Make every pour a “GLASS act” by using creative glassware to elevate a basic drink. You might have fun glasses at home that you would never think to use for your cocktails. Take the challenge of digging through some cabinets and end up with a unique-looking cocktail. 

Choose glasses that… 

  • Have color
  • Are unusually shaped 
  • Have fun designs 
  • Are unexpected
    • Hollowed-out fruit, teacups, mason jars

By focusing on these three simple tips—using infused ice cubes, rimming the glass, and selecting creative glassware—you can transform ordinary cocktails into extraordinary experiences… And it wasn’t even hard! 

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