Bar Basics: What Bar Tools Should I Have in my Bar?

While you can make a mean cocktail without the help of tools, they certainly make the process easier, and make you look like a professional.

Here are our Top 5 Bar Tools that we will always have in our bar!

  1. A Jigger

This is a bar NESSECITY! Even if you are a seasoned bartender, there is no better way to measure your ingredients than using a Jigger. Jiggers have a little side, and a bigger side, so make sure you know which one you are using before you start adding your ingredients! 

  1. A Juicer/ Citrus Press

We all know the feeling of standing over a cup trying to squeeze the life out of a lemon… it sure is humbling. A juicer makes this so much easier, and saves you time and frustration when juicing your fruit. The best cocktails are made with fresh ingredients, so don’t skip this tool and make it a priority when you are stocking your bar!

  1. Muddler

Whether you are trying to get the citrusy aroma out of an orange rind, or the minty goodness out of a mint leaf for a mojito, the only way to get that perfect flavor is by using a muddler. Muddlers can be wooden, metal or plastic, anything works, as long as you have a way to mash up your ingredients in certain drinks. 

  1. Shaker

A shaker is very important, and also very fun to use. Shakers come in many shapes and sizes, which makes it helpful when stocking a bar. Our best tip is to get a shaker that has a strainer lid, that way you don’t have to buy a strainer separately if you don’t want to! Now show off those shaking skills!

  1. Bar Spoon

The design of a bar spoon is very unique. It allows you to stir, measure, macerate, layer and taste. The bar spoon gets down with the little details in cocktails and provides many uses with just one item!

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